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About Stax Birmingham

The Birmingham branch moved to new bigger, modern purpose built premises in 2001, easily located in Oldbury.  Trading since 1988 the branch has been supplying Birmingham Tradesmen & Independent Retailers for 23 years.

  • 0330 333 7261
  • Stax Birmingham
    Brades Road
    B69 2HN

Opening Hours

Opens Closes
Monday 7.00am 8.30pm
Tuesday 7.00am 8.30pm
Wednesday 7.00am 8.30pm
Thursday 7.00am 8.30pm
Friday 7.00am 4.00pm
Saturday 8.00am 12 noon
Sunday 7.00am 4.00pm

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Meet The Birmingham Team

Phil Joyce
Branch Manager
Rob Hyde
Assistant Manager
Lorraine Sarjit
Assistant Manager
Sue Noakes
Floor Manager
Chris Horton
Floor Manager
Garry Rogers
Floor Manager
Richard Babington
Section Manager Housewares
Ben Hancock
Section Manager DIY
Nathan Deeming
Section Manager Seasonal
Dan Ogden
Section Manager Tools
Mark Dawson
Section Manager Bathrooms & Kitchens
Simon Mason
Section Manager Timber & Building
Tony Cowan
Night Manager
Lisa Johnson
Checkout Manager

Job Vacancies

If you would like to send in your CV for any vacancies that may come up in the future, please send to your local branch:

Lorraine Sarjit
Stax Trade Centres
Brades Road
B69 2HN

Senior Section Assistant (Tools)

Reports To: Section Manager

Responsible For: Shop Floor Assistants

Key Objective

To enhance the development of your section through sales and customer liaison.  To co-operate and support your Section Manager in their objectives to achieve sales targets and customer satisfaction.  In the Section Managers absence maintain and continue the operation of the section under the direction of the Assistant Branch Manager/Floor Controller.


1. Sales Function.           

Maintain and ensure merchandising is of a high standard with the ability to organise stock to and from second and third levels using a fork lift (providing you have the appropriate licence) and proper use of ladders and all Health & Safety equipment to Company standards.

Be capable of receiving customer orders by telephone or fax and in conjunction with the Checkout Supervisor assembling and monitoring invoicing.

Have the ability to explain the Stax pricing structure to customers and draw to their attention promotions, Supavalue, bonus buys, multi buys and e-lines.

Be able to use a computer terminal to obtain supplier and price details and sales records to help with the placing of special orders.

Collate daily deliveries and organise staff for rotas and merchandising. 

Take internal transfer orders and enquires from other branches with guidance from the Purchasing Manager.

Build good product knowledge especially on new lines and ranges.

2. Customer Relations.

Learn about and build relationships with existing customers to support and compliment the  Section Manager.       

Actively seek new customer opportunities and exploit these with guidance from the Section Manager and Assistant Branch Manager/Floor Controller.

3. Administration Skills

Ensure that all stock is coded and that signage is displayed clearly and correctly.

Ensure stock counts are carried out in the correct manner.

Have the ability to read replenishment reports in conjunction with company      representatives and monitor returns.

Ability to order signage and promotional material.

4. Personal Conduct.

Be able to work on your own initiative to organise the section and staff to a high standard.

Have excellent communication skills with customers, line managers and all staff.

Be able to maintain a high standard of discipline, punctuality, professionalism and ensure strict adherence to the “uniform code” is maintained at all times.

Ensure all health and safety, security procedures, fire precautions and correct Staff Handbook procedures are strictly adhered to on a daily basis.

Instil pride in all assistants to keep the section clean, tidy and serviceable at all times.

Remain flexible to work in all areas of the branch when directed.

Competitive Salary
Company Pension
Attendance Bonus

Due to the volume of applications you will only hear from us if you have been successful in being selected for an interview. We are sorry we are unable to get back to everyone who may apply.


Checkout Operator Senior Assistant

Reports To: Checkout Manager 

Responsible For: Operators and Loaders

Key Objectives

Be capable of managing the tills in the absence of the Checkout Manager following through the objectives as stated for Checkout Manager.

Key Skills

Man Management




1. Floats

When on early shift collect the floats, place in each till ready for operators, collect change bag and place in safe.

Place a barcode listing sheet and a till balance sheet on each till ready for operators.

Ensure all operators and loaders come out at least five minutes before the shift starts in order for them to be ready for customers.

2. Sheets

Make sure each member of staff is aware of the till they are on, or if there is a change.

Ensure that the tills are covered at all times.

3. Meetings

Call Assistant Branch Managers/Floor Controllers and Section Managers to the checkouts for a daily meeting on staffing and help needed on each section. 

4. Deliveries

When a fax is received for a delivery:

Sort out into sections.        

Photocopy the sheets.

Hand out to the relevant staff.

Mark the sheets denoting which staff member is to pick the stock.

When the goods are received, put them through the checkouts.

Place on pallets or in boxes with each trolley labelled up clearly.

Check that all stock has been received and if not chase up the stock and also check out of stocks.

Sign Sales Ledger if needed, dating payment due, and notes to go with the delivery.

Check goods on to the van.

Get the driver to sign the book and inform him of where he is going.

5. Internal Transfer

On receipt of the fax and after the Purchase Manager has agreed the transfer:

Sort out into the various sections. 


Give out to the Section Managers or Seniors.

Mark the sheets denoting which staff member is to pick the stock.

Invoice and total then cancel the invoice.

Palletise the goods.

Send a pink invoice copy with the goods.

White and yellow copies go to the Purchase Manager.

Check the goods onto the van.

Sign the book and get the drivers signature.

6. Staff and Customers

Ensure there are no queues, if so put another till on.

Keep control over the staff ensuring they are doing what they are supposed to do.

7. Invoices

Only sign for authorised Sales Ledger.

Only sign staff invoices if you have seen the goods being invoiced.

The Duty Manager must agree all overrides for whatever reason i.e. damages, etc.

Assistant Branch Manager/Floor Controller must agree department codes.

8. Returned Cheques

If a customer is on stop for a returned cheque find their details in the file, take payment

Plus an additional £11.75 administration charge.

Ask reception to take the customer off stop. 

Put the payment in the till as a bounced cheque with a note to the Administration Supervisor or Cashier giving details.

9. Faults on checkouts 

Must be put in writing with a copy given to the Checkout Manager:

10.     Housekeeping

Checkouts must be clean and tidy at all times.

Ensure bins are emptied last thing at night.

11. Trolleys

There must always be plenty of trolleys in for customers.

Make sure someone is called to fetch some trolleys in plenty of time before they run out.

12. Security

Always go to the cash office with the operators at the end of each shift and place the bags in the safe. 

You must be visible and mobile in the checkout area.

Do random security checks on trolleys invoiced before leaving the building, a minimum of four per week by each Senior.

 13. General

Check regularly for faxes.

When sending staff for breaks ensure that there is ample cover on the tills.

Competitive Salary
Company Pension
Attendance Bonus

Due to the volume of applications you will only hear from us if you have been successful in being selected for an interview. We are sorry we are unable to get back to everyone who may apply.

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