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Till2Till is a process of sending information from Stax direct to customers

This works in addition to the standard reports and web tools available to all customers

All customers have access to:

  • Downloadable reports:
    • Price changes
    • New products
    • Discontinued lines
    • Your buying history
  • Detailed transactions:
    • Shopping lists
    • Online orders
    • Invoices and credits (updated nightly)

Till2Till gives you additional access to:

  • Daily invoices and credit notes (usually within 4 hours)
  • Downloadable supplier price lists
  • Data feeds:
    • Products
    • Stax branch stock positions
    • Invoices and credit notes

The Till2Till service can also include a fully integrated automatic booking in and stock control system.

What do I need to get Till2Till?

Depending on your computer and EPOS hardware there are two levels for Till2Till.

What I need Web access Web access EPOS
Price changes
New products
Discontinued lines
Buying history
Download invoices Next day Same day Same day
Download price lists
Product feed
Stock feed
Invoice feed
Product integration
Stock integration
Invoice integration

How much does it cost?

Till2Till is being offered completely FREE to all Stax customers.

What type of EPOS system do I need?

You will need a compatible EPOS system like RBA to benefit from Level 2.
More information is available at

Levels explained

All Customers

What you need

You need to have registered on the Stax website and be logged to your account
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  • All recent price changes allowing you to reprice your stock accordingly
  • All new products to enable you to plan your future ranges
  • All products that Stax are due to discontinue so that you can stock up if required
  • In addition you will be able to select the information you want by specific criteria i.e.
    e.g. View lines that have increased by a certain amount e.g. all lines increased by over 10%
  • See new products by type e.g. just DIY products or just new Black & Decker products
  • View discontinued lines by product type
  • You will also be able to download spreadsheet files that you can use to manually import the information into your own website or accounts package
  • You can view and store all past and present invoices with clean product descriptions as shown in the image
  • Invoices will be available on the website on the next day

Invoice records

Invoice Records
Level 1

What you need

You need to have registered on the Stax website and be logged to your account, plus you need to have been setup for Till2Till Level 1 by your local branch
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As all customers plus:

  • View and download supplier price lists from the website
  • Your invoices will be available on the website within 4 hours of it being created at the Stax branch
  • You can download data feeds of:
    • Stax products, by date updated i.e. new products and recent changes
    • Stock levels at your local branch
    • Invoices, by date e.g. all invoices in a day, week, or specified period

Invoice records

Invoice Records
Level 2

What you need

An RBA or compatible EPOS system.

What's the difference to Level 1?

The main difference with Level 2 is that all the information is sent automatically to your EPOS system giving you daily updates on all product and price changes at Stax that affect your stock lines' margin and / or availability.

You also get the benefit of a comprehensive, accurate and ordered shopping list at the touch of a button.

Benefits of Full EPOS integration

Stock File integration

Enabling the automatic update of prices from Stax so that margin changes can be recognised and rectified.

Invoice Download

By the time you return to your shop, having made your purchases at Stax, you will be able to download your electronic invoice. This automatically adds any new products you have bought to your stock file, shows you all the cost prices that are different to your last bought cost, again to rectify margin changes, and then updates your stock holding on confirmation of receipt. Shelf, tag and item labels can then also be printed automatically.

Reduce time and errors

So, by using Till2Till you not only maintain margins and make more profit but the whole process of assessing what you need to buy, finding and picking it at Stax and the checking in process becomes significantly quicker and easier.


We already have our own IT department, can Till2Till work for us?

Whatever the size of your business we are confident you will benefit from Till2Till. We will work closely with your IT department to see how best to integrate Till2Till with your existing IT systems. Till2Till is already working successfully with a number of large retailers with complex in house IT systems.

I am interested. What do I do next?

Simply complete the Till2Till registration form. One of our team will then contact you directly – or to speak to an advisor immediately, contact your branch manager.

The Till2Till system has definitely made our whole operation more efficient. Being able to download invoices and go back to invoices is a great help. We are currently in the process of integrating the system into our own stock control system and once this is up and running I can see huge benefits for both our shops.

Bob Stevens, Autoworld

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