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La-Co Cool Gel Spray On Heat Mat 947ml

La-Co Cool Gel Spray On Heat Mat
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W: 35.5cm H: 14.0cm D: 8.5cm ⋅ 1.1kg

  • Cool Gel_ Heat Barrier Spray
  • Helps prevent heat damage to components during soldering, brazing and welding.
  • Cool Gel is used on the widest variety of building and plumbing materials, pumps and machinery and wherever 'in-situ' protection against heat is required such as when fitting a new central heating system you may need to protect; plastic pipes, conduit, ceramic tiles, baths, coving, wooden studding, wallboards, floorboards, painted surfaces, metals and glass.
  • Unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running off.
  • Clear, non-staining gel leaves no residue eliminating clean-up.
  • Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin and odorless.
  • Convenient trigger spray.


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