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Search by Product Name, Barcode, or Stax code
Twin & Earth Cable

Twin & Earth Cable (Choice of 2)

Satin Steel Switch

Satin Steel Switch 4 Gang 2 Way

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket 1M x 1M


Channelling (Choice of 3)

Mini Trunking

Mini Trunking (Choice of 4)

Round Conduit

Round Conduit 20mm x 3mtr

Self Adhesive Trunking

Self Adhesive Trunking (Choice of 3)

Steel Channel

Steel Channel (Choice of 2)

BG IP55 Enclosure

BG IP55 Enclosure 75 x 85 x 65mm

BG Weatherproof IP55 Enclosure

BG Weatherproof IP55 Enclosure 180 x 110 x 100mm