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SupaLec Deluxe Curved Glass Cooker Hood

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SupaLec Deluxe Curved Glass Cooker Hood
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Product Details

  • 90cm
  • Soft touch controls
  • Extraction rate of 660m3/hr with carbon filter
  • Aluminium washable grease filters
  • 150mm air outlet and 2mtr exhaust pipe
  • 2 x 2w LED Lamps
  • Stainless steel and tempered glass
  • Dimensions (mm), Height min 570mm max 960mm, Width 760/900mm Depth 475mm
  • This box includes: - 2mtr length, 150mm diam flexible flue for external extraction - Flue Non-Return flaps to prevent drafts - Two charcoal filters for recirculating air when not externally extracting - All wall fixings included.


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