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Parasene Deluxe Angled Weed-Wand

Parasene Deluxe Angled Weed-Wand
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  • The Revolutionary Model 552 Parasene Æ Deluxe "Weed-Wand" Takes the Backbreaking Work out of Weeding!!!
  • Ever thought weeding without using harmful chemicals was a lengthy strenuous job? The walking stick shaped ""Weed-Wand"" is clean, it is organic, it is effective, and it can save you hours on your knees
  • With the ""Weed-Wand"" there is no need to kneel or stoop to manually pull up weeds
  • The flame does not scorch or mark your hardstanding areas
  • Powerful 1000 degree C Flame
  • Uses Parasene Standard Gas Cartridges (Not supplied due to postal restrictions)
  • 552 Features an Angled Head for extra 10 cm reach
  • 88cm Length


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