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Gower Rapide+ Amalfi Modern Cornice - Maple 3m

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Gower Rapide+ Amalfi
Stax code:
Product code:
Modern Cornice - Maple 3m

Product Details

  • Slab style door in a maple effect finish with PVC edging
  • Tubular satin nickel effect handles are included


Other Variants
Self Adhesive Tape - Maple 15mm x 10m 544795 (BTMASAT)
Wall Rep End - Maple Pair 544687 (BTMAREW)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 76 544504 (BEAMFIN76)
End Worktop Support - Maple 890mm 544693 (BTMAEWS)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 125 544533 (BEAMFBU6)
Range Self Closing Buffers 5 Pack 545060
Continuous Plinth - Maple/White 2.5m 544772 (BTMACP)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 385 544585 (BEAMFCH6)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 549 544402 (BEAMFU6)
Base Rep End - Maple Pair 544629 (BTMAREB)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 722 544381 (BEAMF6)
Wine Rack - Maple 150mm 544591 (BTMAWR)
Appliance Fascia 600 x 894 544375 (BEAMFI8)
Base Unit Oven Unit 600mm 544215 (BEAMBU6)
Wall Unit 300mm 544244 (BEAMW3)
Open End Wall Unit - Maple 544612 (BTMAOEW)
Wall Unit 500mm 544273 (BEAMW5)
Base Unit 300mm 544092 (BEAMB3)
Corner Hood Unit 600mm 544323 (BEAMCH6)
Wall Unit 400mm 544267 (BEAMW4)
Open End Base Unit - Maple 544606 (BTMAOEB)
Corner Wall Unit 600mm 544317 (BEAMCW6)
Wall Unit 600mm 544280 (BEAMW6)
Base Unit 400mm 544107 (BEAMB4)
Base Unit 500mm 544159 (BEAMB5)
Base Unit 600mm 544165 (BEAMB6)
Base Unit 1000mm 544171 (BEAMB10)
Wall Unit 1000mm 544300 (BEAMW10)
Corner Base Unit 1000mm 544194 (BEAMCB10)
Drawer Unit Soft Close 500mm 317696 (BEAMD5MS)
Larder Appliance Unit - Maple 600mm 544822 (BTMAAH6)
Corner Base Unit 925mm 148942 (BEAMCB9)

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