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Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler 100g Medium

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Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler
Stax code:
Product code:
100g Medium

Product Details

  • A wood filler developed to repair almost any damage or imperfections in wood
  • This easy to use wood filler can be used straight from the pack and gives professional, long lasting, tough and durable repairs
  • Resists shrinking and cracking
  • Can be stained, varnished or painted over
  • Interior or exterior use


Other Variants
100g Dark 421302 (33638)
100g Light 421200 (33636)
100g Natural 421173 (33635)
100g White 421949 (33639)
250g Light 595505 (34736)
250g Medium 377140 (34737)
250g Natural 595490 (34735)
250g White 595511 (34739)
325g Dark 595665 (34743)
325g Light 595642 (34741)
325g Medium 377186 (34742)
325g Natural 595636 (34740)
325g White 595659 (34744)
250g Dark 595563 (34738)
465g Dark 595613 (34748)
465g Light 595586 (34746)
465g Medium 377163 (34747)
465g Natural 595570 (34745)
465g White 595607 (34749)
930g Natural 595671 (32039)

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