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ALM Metal blade

ALM Metal blade 35cm

RRP £13.35
Atlas Diamond Blade - Universal

Atlas Diamond Blade - Universal (Choice of 2)

RRP from £4.32 to £16.36
Black & Decker Hammer Drill

Black & Decker Hammer Drill 500w

RRP £29.99
Black & Decker Heat Gun

Black & Decker Heat Gun 1750W

RRP £25.99
Black & Decker Heatgun Kit

Black & Decker Heatgun Kit 2000w

RRP £41.99
Bosch Professional Drill Driver

Bosch Professional Drill Driver 10.8v

RRP £341.91
Bosch SDS+ Hammer Drill

Bosch SDS+ Hammer Drill 650w 240v

RRP £257.59
Bosch Planer

Bosch Planer 600W

RRP £230.23
Bosch 190mm Circular Saw

Bosch 190mm Circular Saw 1400W

RRP £268.97
Bosch Jigsaw

Bosch Jigsaw 780w

RRP £330.53

DeWalt 115mm Angle Grinder 240v 1000w

RRP £130.64
DeWalt Grinder

DeWalt Grinder 230mm, 2000W

RRP £251.94