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Large Chopping Board

Large Chopping Board 45X30Cm

RRP £11.79
Large Poly Board

Large Poly Board 45X29Cm

RRP £10.18
Medium Chopping Board

Medium Chopping Board 35X25Cm

RRP £8.79
Polished White Marble Board

Polished White Marble Board 46cm x 30cm

RRP £28.00
Small Chopping Board

Small Chopping Board 30X23Cm

RRP £7.43

Catering Foil 450mmx20m

RRP £3.31

Deluxe Ice Cream Scoop 63 mm

RRP £4.47
Geared Can Opener

Geared Can Opener

RRP £6.99

Kebab Skewers Set 6

RRP £0.61

White Splatter Screen 24cm

RRP £0.84

White Splatter Screen (Choice of 2)

RRP from £1.19 to £2.36
BHL Sipp Food Flask

BHL Sipp Food Flask 470ml

RRP £28.38
Brabantia Essentials Range Can Opener

Brabantia Essentials Range Can Opener (Choice of 2)

RRP from £11.52 to £12.50