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Search by Product Name, Barcode, or Stax code

Anaglypta Highlights (Choice of 4)

Anaglypta Luxury Textured Worthing White

Blue Hawk Cove 100mm (Choice of 2)

Erfurt Lining Paper

Erfurt Lining Paper (Choice of 5)

Erfurt Naturplus 2

Erfurt Naturplus 2 Single Roll

Nomastyl B1 corners

Nomastyl B1 corners 2pk int/ext

Nomastyl B1 Coving

Nomastyl B1 Coving 100mm x 1.22m

Nomastyl B5 corners

Nomastyl B5 corners 2pk int/ext

Nomastyl B5 Coving

Nomastyl B5 Coving 65mm x 1.22m

D-C Fix Sticky Back Plastic Gloss White 67.5cmx2…

Dcfix Dekore 45x2 Petersen Blau

d-c-fix® Self Adhesive Film

d-c-fix® Self Adhesive Film 45cm x 15m Marble Bl…